If able to choose! Rio reveals the name of the player who wants to reinforce Manchester United.


Rio Ferdinand, the legend of Manchester United’s defender, stated that if he had chosen, he would like the former defender to pull out the Ferrari defender from Liverpool to reinforce the strength and point out Ole Munnar Solcha. United should have a permanent team. NOWBET

Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United defender of the English Premier League giants, acknowledged that he wanted to give Liverpool’s defender Fikil van Dyke a “Red Devils” player.

After being questioned about the 75 million pounds (about 3,375 million baht) paid by Liverpool to pull him to join the team in January last year, is it too expensive? Van Dai shows that he deserves value. That level After making an outstanding performance with the “Reds” until now, it has helped the team to win the league for the first time in 29 years.

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