See also? Salah changed his new rank Shave smooth after holding the fan flock. Press like (with photo)


Liverpool fans are surprised and rushed to like Mozzah a lot. After being referred to himself in the new stand

Mohammed Salah, the Liverpool striker celebrated after helping “Reds” overtake Manchester City to return to the Premier League crowd after the opening of Anfield to attack Bournemouth 3-0 when Saturday night, February 9, with a new look for yourself.

The star of the Egyptian national team posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday morning. By shaving his own beard completely Causing many fans to like By some people tease that Children face down a lot. And the whiskers are gone

Salah beat 1 goal in the Bournemouth win, resulting in the first “Reds” to score at least 20 goals in two consecutive seasons since Louis S Warrez Uruguay national team striker Used to do when the season 2013/14 วิธีสมัครufabet


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