Pedro Won asked for peace, pointing Leo to win two cups.


Around the FA Cup, the world hasn’t broken down yet! Pedro Rodriguez, star player “Sing the Blues”, pleaded with his disciples to return peace after the outrage. The point should be optimistic. Also, win two cups of Europa League and Carabao Cup.

Pedro Rodriguez, winged Chelsea, pleaded for peace in Stamford Bridge after the fans were furious. Mauricio Cesar, the chair manager, was extremely hot due to his performance. Not impressive, but just 5 rounds of the FA Cup with Manchester United 0-2 on Monday night, February 18, in spite of kicking in his own home. วิธีสมัครufabet

Sary had to go to the training team on a regular basis on Tuesday afternoon, February 19, at the local time (in local time) to prepare before the UEFA Europa League burst. Thursday 21 February By holding an advantage with a 2-1 win in Sweden, followed by a win at the Carabao Cup with Manchester City in the final match Sunday 24 February After being hit “The blue sailboat” collapsed and wrinkled 6-0 in the English Premier League on Sunday 10 February ago.

The Spanish star said “There is an important game in the Europa League for us, and after that it is a match against City. The most important thing now is to stay still, practice hard, return our best football back. And chill out Because if I can’t do it, I’m terrible. ”

“It was a very bad day for us for the whole team. It’s a difficult situation. In the first half we played very well. We created many opportunities to shoot one. But they have two strokes and have reached two goals, “Pedro stated.

The Cesar Azpiligueta Defender, team captain “Lions Navy Blue” added, “We know that Chelsea are used to winning many trophies. It was a difficult night. The only thing I can say is that we are dedicated to everything. Sincerely hope that we will win the championship cup this Sunday. “

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