Dante made Chelsea football fans happy to cry.


One of Chelsea’s youngest fans was delighted after seeing their favorite Enko Shield. And also get a signature shirt as a gift

Telamizale Lamini, Chelsea’s youngest football fan, finally reached the stage of crying. After having the opportunity to meet the midfielder Enko Shield, “Sing the Blues”, which is her favorite player, according to a report from the Daily Mail, British media on Friday 1 March.

Chelsea organizes a community day event by inviting people who work or are involved in charitable organizations. Meet the players after a training session at Kopham on Thursday and Dilini, who is with the Willow Foundation, which takes care of children with severe illness. Is also one of those who have received this special experience

Laminee met with Dante before talking. And she was very happy until the cry Then they both embraced each other. And the French national team midfielder Made a surprise to her by giving away her signed Chelsea shirt

Dalamini revealed that “The moment I walked to the practice field when we were waiting I can’t believe that I have been here There is no way possible. This is not me But it’s really me Today is a special day Because I had the opportunity to meet my favorite player like Enko Shield. It’s beautiful and I’m sure My brothers and sisters will be very happy as I am. It’s really amazing. ”

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