Rod Rogers Shock, the robber invaded the loot in front of his wife.


Whiskey Police confirmed Brendan Rodgers’ home at Leicester City in Glasgow. Robbed by robbers Plus, during the incident, the wife and daughter had to flee into the bathroom. Importantly, the thieves screamed for many items.

Brendan Rodgers, manager of the “Fox” team, Leicester City, found the news shocked when a 6-year-old wife and daughter had to sneak into the bathroom while staying in a house in Kloszow. Being robbed by robbers on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning by Thailand time)

Northern Ireland coach, who led the “White Zebra” successfully, won the Triple Championship in the whiskey land for two consecutive seasons. Has decided to do the story of the heart of Celtic football fans By leaving the team at the end of this season In order to get a job to rein in “The Fox” last week

For this shocking event police officer Confirmed that it occurred at 01.55 am on Tuesday night or early morning on Wednesday at East Dunbarton. Which is the home that Rodgers lived with Charlotte Serel and his stepson With a number of thieves stealing from this raid

A statement by the Scottish police stated that “at approximately 01.55 am on Wednesday, March 6, police officers were reported to have raided the dwelling at Drymen Road, Bearsden. In this incident, no one was injured. But there are many stolen property in this house And now has investigated the matter continuously ”

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