Not a tag! Johnson pointed out the reason Shakri was dropped.



The old friend, the reason why Siran Shakiri was a German football manager, was dropped in the back. Believe is not a matter of course.


Glenn Johnson, the former right-back Liverpool player, believes that the cause of the team manager “Red Swan” Jergen Klop does not use the Swiss wing Shiran in the back because players have problems. Discipline Not because of the tactics that the German coach Used to come out for reasons previously แจกเครดิตฟรี


Shakiri moved from Stoke to Liverpool last summer. By the first half of the season, the chance to play often And used to do alone 2 children in the game “Red boil” at the army “Reds” beat Manchester United 3-1, but the rest is not used at all, making the Kop feel surprised as well.


Johnson, who had played for Stoke and Shakiri, revealed on BBC Radio that “At the time everything went well, Dee Chakri would be an important player for us. And show excellent form But when everything goes bad He will be like discipline. That’s what I’ve seen. “

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