Real professionals! Amir visits Ramsey with Arsenal.



Unia Mary, manager Arsenal, greeted Aaron Ramsey, the Welsh national midfielder who made an outstanding performance in a 2-0 win over Newcastle. Everyone is playing fully. Because this is a very important period


Unice Mary, manager of Arsenal, praised the Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey for helping the team with excellent results. Until they opened the Emirates Stadium, defeating Newcastle United 2-0 in the English Premier League game on Monday 1 April.


Ramsey signed a contract to move to Juventus in a worthless way in advance since February. But he still helps the team to the fullest In the latest match, he scored 1-0 for the team. Along with making Arsenal up to the 3rd of the score table After collecting 63 points from 31 plays


Emily said, “I think Aaron Ramsey is happy. He is helping us well. And playing great Which is what we want We want him to score goals. Every enthusiasm from our players is important to us. And now he is doing that He delivers excellent quality, enthusiasm. And the desire to push forward for us ”


“Both we and he know that we are in the most important period of the season. Now we want all players to make an impact on the team. That includes those who reserve the start on the bench. ” UFABET

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