Liverpool football prepares to vote for the excellent Raheem PFA.



Daily Mail, the British media, identifies Liverpool’s merchants to vote for Raheem Sterling Dao Kicks. Manchester City is the person who has won the best prize of PFA for a chance to make the Ferrari. Gil van Dyk, frustration, reward


The top Liverpool players of the English Premier League stage will unite, voting for Raheem Sterling, Manchester City’s talented wing, who has won the best footballer award from the British Professional Football Association (PF). A) For the 2018-19 season, according to the Daily Mail’s announcement of the city’s famous media สมัครufabet


Sterling is seen as one of the most promising candidates to win in this season, together with Liverpool’s talented quarterback Fergil van Dyke, after both have made a great contribution. Excellent with the agency Until their team is currently having a chance to win the league


However, the rules of PFA require that all players do not vote for their teammates. Because otherwise it will be too siding Which makes the past the time when a player is a candidate to win Teammates of that person Will vote for those who are not favorites, such as Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool player who told his teammates to vote for other people than Thierry Henri and Frank Lam Pard during the football season


However, Daily Mail stated that although Sterling is a direct competitor to Van Dyke in this competition, But the Liverpool players will still vote for the England national team anyway. Without telling the exact reason why they decided to do that

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