Savage! Azhar with the # 1 ranking in the Premier League



After the last two runs in the game, Chelsea beat West Ham, Eden Hazard, the wing of “Lions, Navy Blue” became the only person to participate in the Premier League’s most goals. 2nd place is Sergio Aguero, Man City shooting star.


Eden Hazard, Chelsea’s talented winger, became the player who has the most goals in the English Premier League this season, alone, with a total of 28 points. The last 2 goals alone helped the team open. Rang Stamford Bridge beat West Ham United 2-0 on Monday 8 April.


Earlier this year, Azar won the crowd in the Premier League side with Sergio Aguero, the Manchester City striker at number 26, but with the last week. “The blue sailboat” doesn’t have a queue to play league games. It made the Belgian star the opportunity to be the sole captain. And he did it successfully By participating in the 28 goals of Azar’s goal, divided into 16 goals and 12 assists


For the 3rd place in this chart, Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s famous wing who has participated in 25 league goals this season Divided into 18 shot with 7 assists by Raheem Sterling Dao Man City followed by 4th place with 24 numbers while Pierre-Emmerich Oberameng, the striker Arsenal dominated the 5th from 22 times.


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