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Daily Mail, British media, Marcus Rashford, Spearhead, Manchester United and Agent Team Delayed discussions about the new contract with the “Red Devils”. They wanted Rashford to get over 200,000 pounds a week and would like to be guaranteed that Rashford will be the main striker. Of the team for a long time


Marcus Rashford, Manchester United’s top striker, English Premier League club and his team Slow down the contract extension with the team Because he wanted “Red Devils” to pay more than 200,000 pounds of wages (about 8.2 million baht) per week, according to the Daily Mail report of the city’s famous media. UFABET


Rashford is considered one of the team’s main hopes for scoring a goal now. At present, he is the third highest goalscorer in the team with 13 goals from 42 matches in every play. Rank 1 is Paul Pogba, who made 16 goals. Romelu Lukaku followed up as 2nd At 15 balls


Rashford will be out of contract with Manchester United next summer, with the “Red Devils” having the option to extend his contract for 1 year, but the top team of the old track. Ford is always trying to catch him for a long-term contract. And before this, the initial negotiations between all parties were possible, so that Manchester United were confident that the England national star should have a contract with them.


However, the latest Daily Mail unfolds that Rashford’s department sees that they do not need to hurry to agree to the contract. And decided to delay negotiations Because now they are the advantage in discussing the new contract They want Rashford to receive a £ 200,000 per week fee. After believing that the British center now receives 80,000 pounds (about 3.28 million baht) per week. In addition, they want Has been guaranteed that Rashford will remain the center of the team’s main body in the long term


For Rashford, there is news that Barcelona is interested in pulling him to join the army in the past, after “Azul Rana” is looking for a new shooting star to replace. Louis Suarez, who is older, until the form falls a little

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