Pogba is not confident in the future. Agent canceled discussing ghost contract Media pointed out that



The Sun, the British media, reported that Mino Reila, a broker from Poppogba, canceled the contract with the team’s management the week before. Pogba also told his teammates that Sol Cha couldn’t take the team. Going back to greatness as in the past, while The Times revealed that he would like to move to Zidane Zidane at Real Madrid.


Mino Reola, Paul Pogba’s agent, Manchester United midfielder, the club in the English Premier League stage, canceled the contract with “Red Devils” the previous week, according to The Sun, the city’s leading media agency. good เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด


The future of Pokba is back to be a hot topic to talk about again. After telling himself that playing for Real Madrid is the dream of every player. He also said that he was interested in joining Cyndine Sedan as well. After this, he was in a bad form until he played with Jose Mourinho as the team manager. And causing some fans to blame him heavily FUN88


Even the latest The Sun unfolded. In fact, the previous week, Riola had a conversation with Man Utd, but it was suddenly canceled. Until it looked like it was the media that Pogba wanted to move out of the team very much


The media originally added that Pogba told the teammates that he did not believe that Ole Kunnar Solcha, the current manager, is the one who will turn the situation of the team and say that Manchester United has never developed any. So since he said goodbye to the team about 7 years ago


The Sun said that many of Manchester United’s players do not believe that Sol Cha will be able to control Pogba in the right frame. Plus, until now, Pokba still has a lot of influence in the players, even though Sol Cha is trying to make himself the most influential person in order to be able to control every team. The Frenchman was not satisfied with the Sol Cha-Tung’s tactics that the team focused on playing long throw balls as well.


On the other side of the media, the city’s elite, like The Times, indicates that the world champion midfielder Want to move to play in Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid to work with idols like Zidane, who are news of both Pogba and Eden Hazard C

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