Nearly the team of Ari! Mane revealed the reason for choosing Liverpool.



Sadio Mane, the wing of Liverpool’s talented club, the English Premier League giants, revealed that the reason he refused to move with Manchester United was because of the team manager “Reds” Gerber Klop. Contacted to persuade himself by himself แทงบอล


Mane had done a great job with Southampton during the year 2014-16 until he became interested in many of the big teams across Europe, such as Liverpool and Manchester United, etc. before the “Reds” won him to win the rail 34 million pounds (about 1,394 million baht), which is now a Senegalese star, becoming one of the team’s major strengths.


After being hit by Robbie Fowler asking about the rumor that Manchester United wanted him, Mane replied, “Yes, I almost moved there. Because I have already discussed with them I traveled to talk to a consultant who had worked there too (meaning Louis van Gul). They offered me. ”


“so anyway In the same week, Klopp got a call to me. He told me – I think we are the right club for you. I think I am the right coach for you. And I think it would be better if you were to be with Liverpool – at that time I thought it was the right time. And I said that – I will be with Liverpool – ”


“When I moved out of Southampton I see that there are many interesting clubs, but I think Liverpool is the right team for me. I’ve met both Liverpool, City, United etc. before and I have scored a lot in Liverpool when I was with Southampton But I still think that this is the club that suits me! “

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