Rooney suggests Man U thinks good to buy old football.


Wayne Rooney, the Spearhead, the prodigy suggests the bright way. Ole Gunnar Solcha, the big man, Manchester United must think well if he will spend money to buy a new player that is old because he is good. How much, but the physical condition is not very strong. The point should be to add 5-6 good players to get the team back in the future. สูตรสล็อตทุนน้อย

England striker Wayne Rooney At present, football with DC United, the club in the Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States warns Manchester United of wary of spending huge amounts of money to buy players this summer. Red “want to come back strong, need to add about 5-6 players


Manchester United had to find the worst season when they finished 6th in the English Premier League table, resulting in a quota to win the UEFA Champions League next season. For this reason, they tried to build a new team. By throwing money to grab the superstar players to strengthen


In the past, Manchester United had a lot of news with top players, including Bale, followed by the DeLixs, team captain, aromatic beef Ajax Amsterdam, and Felix, followed by Kalidikuli Bali Center Center, Napoli and Thomas Munier Fullback Paris Saint-Germain


Having to build a team would cost a lot of money. Of course, Rooney is concerned about using the money of Ole Kunnar Solcha, the current manager. Because if the team spends money on the players who do not fit, will lose money in vain And if you want to see Manchester United back again Must buy at least 6 additional players


“I don’t think buying one or two players with a total value of 100 million pounds (about 4,100 million baht) will help the strength. And the player stepped up in the right spot. I think he (Seoul Tea) must try to look for a player that should be at least five or six, which must be a great player. But you can’t spend 120-130 million pounds (about 4,920-5,330 million baht) to buy players. ”


“I think you spend 30-40 million pounds (about 1,230-1,640 million baht) with players who can develop potential, which you have to spend a long time with these players. And then you create a team with five or six new players who pull to join the team With two or three former players with the team ”


“You may pull yourself (Cristiano) Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and (Leo Mail) Messi, including Gareth Bale, can join the team. For these cases, you have to spend 300- 350 million pounds (about 12,300-14,350 million baht) in order to get what you want. Maybe Ronaldo can play for only 2 years, just like Ramos. Finally, the money invested is gone, “Rooney said.

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