The reason Liverpool fans have to like the opening pitch for Norwich



Open the statistics that would make Liverpool fans want to know. After opening, Anfield welcomes Norwich City in the opening game of the season. คาสิโนออนไลน์ฟรีโบนัส


Opta, the famous statistics collection agency Revealing the information that should make Liverpool fans more hopeful of winning the Premier League 2019/20 season after knowing the season’s opening program on Thursday, June 13.


“Reds” will open the nest. Anfield welcomes the visit of Norwich City in the Premier League opening game, which will be played on the first match on Friday 9 August. “Canary yellow” in the opening season game only once And that season also won


The event took place in the 1976/77 season, with Liverpool opening the season, defeating Norwich 1-0 at Anfield before ending the match by slashing Manchester City to just one point.


In the past season, “Reds” missed the Premier League championship, unfortunately. The latter has fewer points than Manchester City, only one point.

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