Reappeared again!



Mundo de Portico, Catalunya regional media, said Manchester United are thinking of surging Samuel Ulm, the Barcelona defender’s strength, as “Azul Rana “May sell him as well. คำถามที่พบบ่อยสำหรับการพนันออนไลน์


Manchester United, the leading club in the English Premier League stage, are considering a move to buy Barcelona’s French defender Samuel Ulm to join the army, according to the report of Mundo Deportivo. Bo, Catalunya’s famous media


Ole Kunnar Solcha, the manager of Manchester United, will turn to focus on reinforcing the position of centerback as the next goal after Manchester United prepare to close the deal with Aaron Wan – Bissaka. British right back The main goals of Seoul such as tea, Harry Maguire and Khalil Ramos’s view Culina was expensive option that makes the tea Seoul needs to consider other targets.


Until recently, Mundo de Portibi had said that Uthi was in the area of ​​Seoul Cha. Interested, in fact, Manchester United had aimed to grab the perfume blood defender to join the team since last summer. But in the end, he chose to renew his contract with Barcelona.


The media originally added that Barcelona is considering selling the same thing after worrying about the injury of the referred knee. It is believed that he was in the network “Azul Rana” may be used as a bonus to buy Neymar pioneered Paris Saint-Germain. At the same time, there is news that Arsenal are interested in grabbing the football. 25-year-old went to join the army, but the “big gun” army had a limited budget until it might not be enough to buy him.

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