Chicken fans, Seng! Spurs, ready to sell the superior army to Real Madrid



The Spanish media, unfolding Daniel Levy, the big boss of Tottenham Hotspur, has offered Christian Eriksen, the head of the dairy cows, to Real Madrid. Ufabet


Daniel Levy, president of Tottenham Hotspur, the club of the English Premier League stage, has called for Jose Angela Sanchez, director of Real Madrid, the top club in the war. La Liga, Spain to provide opportunities “The White King” signed a contract to grab the Christian Eriksen midfielder, pushing the Danish national team to reinforce the army, according to a report from the leading sports media, Bull Fierce. On Saturday 29 June ago


When in the summer of last year, Real Madrid had approached Spurs to buy Eric Eisen to join the team, but “Golden Spikes Chicken” did not play at that time. This Spurs is ready to consider releasing a 27-year-old star from the team, where Levy has a direct line to sell to the top 13 European championship teams, because it is believed that Eric Jensen did not want to. per Whether a contract with the team Which makes Spurs lose this star for free In the summer of next year


In the past, Spurs had previously set up the Eriksen charge of up to 135 million pounds (about 5,265 million baht), but it is believed that this time they may only need 50% of the money.

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