Man Ummo can be revealed! Deeply ties – McGuire



The writer has revealed Sir Alex Ferguson Brom boss “Red Devils” Manchester United had a jingle to create a Harry McGuire, then the latter has also played for Sheffield United also advises concerned. Until it was a major turning point in the development of footsteps And stepped up to be one of the strongest backers today วิธีสมัครufabet


Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary manager of Manchester United had phoned Harry Maguire center-back outing Leicester ago, when the person concerned has also played for Sheffield United from exposing. Andy Miten, British famous writer


McGuire is considered a very fragrant defender at this time and the team of consultant Ole Munnar Solcha is trying to draw players. By that time, it was reported that they submitted a proposal of 70 million pounds (about 2,730 million baht) to Leicester to consider release But the last one was rejected very badly


In the end, England and Manchester United have enough ties because McGuire had received a call from “Serfer” came after he made the field for Sheffield United against “Red Devils”, which Paul Pogba and Jesse Lyngard were the protagonists in the FA Youth Cup final. Excellent year 2011 (always 2-2 and lose to Manchester United 1-4)


In that match, McGuire suffered a brain injury, severely impacted by a collision. And had to spend the evening at a hospital in Manchester. At that time, “Red Devils” had sent a large team shirt to be a consolation gift. But then for a few days, Ferguson called and turned it into a turning point for players to have more encouragement.


This story, the writer, stated that “Fergie” talked to McGuire on the phone and gave instruction to the players trying to work hard. And strive not to give up This work also claims that Blood coach Scott told the star to kick a good blood. Follow his advice and someday have the opportunity to step up to play in a high-level league.


For this case, McGuire encouraged the spirits. And have more confidence That was the turning point for him to develop the pace with “double sword” before moving to play for Hull City and then Leicester City, where the players showed strong form until the Manchester United mark And many other clubs


The negotiations to buy McGuire between Manchester United and Leicester will be able to find a conclusion about whether or not to pay for it. But this story is another important proof that Sir Alex Ferguson has the psychological ability to truly draw the potential and talent of the players.

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