2 people are close! Seoul Tea reveals the name of Shin Man U, running as fast as possible.



Manchester United fans have to listen to Ole Gunnar, Sol Cha, to answer who is the “Red Devil” who runs super fast. Before dueling the pre-season game with Perth Glory this Saturday จุดเด่นสำหรับการแทงบอลออนไลน์


Ole Kunnar Solcha, the manager of Manchester United, revealed that Aron Wan – Bisaka and Daniel James, two of the recently-purchased players, added to the squad this summer. Have come to help increase the speed of playing for the team After both players are the fastest players, better than others. During pre-season training


The Welsh national team captain James moved from Swansea to “Red Devils” with a value of 18 million pounds (about 702 million baht), while yesterday – Bisaka, right back, the England team. The model under 21 years old comes from Crystal Palace with a value of 50 million pounds (about 1,950 million baht).


James is reputed to be a high-speed wing already. And when asked The players in this team have someone who runs faster than the Welsh football or not. Sol Cha gives the answer, “Maybe Aron Wan – Bisaka!”


At the same time, the Norwegian coach Also praised the two new players before kicking down with Perth Glory in Australia on Saturday, July 13, “I think they are great. Daniel came to practice with the team on the first day. Aron just joined the tour. And practicing here, I think they enjoy it “

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