Good management! Liverpool stick 50 teams, the first highest value



Liverpool are among the top 50 sports teams in the world, according to Forbes’s first ranking, after they ranked 45th in the 2019 annual rankings, with their latest value of 2.18 billion. USD เว็บแทงบอล


Liverpool, the top club of the English Premier League, is ranked in the top 50 sports teams in the world. According to Forbes’ ranking, the famous financial media for the first time After they ranked 45th in the 2019 annual ranking


“The Reds” had little value compared to other sports teams around the world after they didn’t succeed in the field. The financial condition of the team is not as good as it should be. However, since Fenway Sports Group (FSG), led by John W. Henry, took over the team in October 2010. They have better finances. And in the past several seasons, Liverpool also have excellent performances in the field.


In Forbes’ annual ranking of 2019, the top team of Anfield is worth $ 2.18 billion (approximately 69,760 million baht), which is considered higher from the time when FSG took over the team. In the very early stages, because in the 2011 annual ranking (Forbes will rank in the middle of every year), Liverpool is worth US $ 552 million (about 17,664 million baht).


This means that, if comparing between the first time that FSG came to manage the team until now, Liverpool has increased to approximately $ 1.62 billion (approximately 52,096 million baht) while compared to only last year. Before It is considered that this year Liverpool’s value has increased by 12 percent.


At the same time, if compared to football, Liverpool is considered to be the 8th ranked football team from 8 teams that have ranked the top 50 sports teams in the world for the year 2019. The other 7 teams are Real Madrid (ranked 3), Barcelona (4th place), Manchester United (6th place), Bayern Munich (ranked 17), Manchester City (25th place), Chelsea (ranked 32) and Arsenal (ranked 42)


Billy Hogan, Liverpool’s marketing president, said that they will try to work well in order to make a lot of money for the team so that the team can use this money to work in football. Fully “We are happy to meet this situation. (With little rest time) always considering the fact that it was due to our win After being successful with the field work It is the duty of the management team to continue to achieve such success. We have to try to make the team have a lot of income this time. And give money back to the football department So that they can invest in the team. ”


“Previously, the club had a wrong management in both football and marketing. Which caused a large obstacle But it is also a great opportunity (to bring Liverpool back with good results both on and off the field). The success at Gergelkop brings to the club as well as the work at Michael Edward. Our athletic director can do it. It’s great. Both of them are spearheading the development and building of a strong team like today. We all work together fully. But it must give much credit to both of them for what they can do “

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