Shock! Found the body in the Elene House.



24 dot ee Egypt’s news website states that the body is lying in the courtyard of Mohamed El Nene’s house, without knowing who the body of the corpse is. Ufabet


24 dot ee news website of Egypt Revealed that there is a body in the courtyard of Egypt’s Mohamed Elene, midfielder Arsenal, the leading club in the English Premier League stage


The media said that the person who found the corpse was Elene’s father, which Elene’s house was under construction. Which now still does not know who the corpse’s identity is Including the matter of death caused by an accident or murder While the body was found on Friday 26 July.


However, Elene has not expressed any opinions. All of this news This was the second time in less than 1 week that caused a shock off the field about Arsenal because Mesut Osil had just been robbed of the robbery, causing Calecini to fall. Come to fight with the robbers by yourself

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