Bayern Puke! Man City calls for the most brutal Zane



The Telegraph, the British media, said Manchester City needed a minimum of 137 million pounds in exchange for the loss of Leroy Zane. Deeply, the “blue sailboat” still wanted to keep him in use. Ufabet


Manchester City, the billionaire club of the English Premier League stage, determines the head of the German Leroy Zane wing, at least 137 million pounds (about 5,617 million baht), according to The Telegraph, the city’s famous media.


Zane continued to report to Bayern Munich. After saying that former football player Schalke 04 is not very satisfied with the previous season, he has not played as much in the league as he should. With only 21 matches, while the “Southern Tiger” is also looking for a good edge.


Previously, it was believed that Bayern was ready to give up 73 million pounds (about 2,993 million baht) to be the value of Zane, but the latest The Telegraph said that Man City set his head. Up to 137 million pounds because the “blue sailboat” still doesn’t want to leave him out of the team


The media originally added that Manchester City still hopes to have Zane sign a new contract with the team. After the current agreement expires in the summer of 2021

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