Well, do you know? Predictions for Premier League champions 2019-20



The famous hole predicted the team that will win the English Premier League season 2018-19 … Ufabet


Foreign news agencies reported on 21 August that the former England striker Michael Owen believes that “the Blues” Manchester City will protect the English Premier League champions in the 2019-20 season successfully.


Last season, Manchester City won the championship, while Liverpool won the championship, which Owen saw this season. The Blues, under Pep Guardiola’s team, still have a strong team. And will win the championship


“Of course Liverpool can be the Premier League champion. But will they get it? If you ask my heart, I will say yes. But in the head, I think Manchester City will win again. I think Manchester City, under Pep’s team, is the only exciting team in this moment, “Owen said.

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