see the picture! The madman – Analyze madness. What is the point that Ronaldo is different from Beckham?


Eric Chemba – Sherba, a former midfielder, Manchester United, the top team of the Premier League, analyzes the visuals and see what is the point that makes Cristiano Ronaldo different. From David Beckham to play as a right wing สูตรแทงสูงครึ่งแรก

“If you compare the current Ronaldo to 15 years ago, it will be obvious that he has actually changed a lot when he moved into Manchester United again. Sometimes, Ronaldo’s play Makes the seniors like Van Nistel Roy, Louis Saha or even Rooney play along with it ”

“Because according to the usual form of the Red Devils in the Sir Alex Ferguson era, the wing players are focused on throwing them in the middle so the strikers will score goals like we saw Beckham do until they get used to it.”

“But once switched to Ronaldo, he wouldn’t cross immediately when given the opportunity. But will always try to raise the pendant to beat at least one competitor And then slapped him in the middle for a friend to play This is the difference of Ronaldo and the legendary number 7 previous version, like David Beckham. ”

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