Liverpool news update Alesson – expected comeback date

Liverpool fans face bad news after Jurgen Klopp updates Alesson and anticipates a comeback that should be an important match. แทงบอลสด สร้างรายได้

Jurgen Klopp, manager of the Liverpool Premier League squad, confirmed that Alesson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper Will be able to come back and watch the post again after the break Or at the end of October

Alessong has been injured in the calf since watching the post-season game at Liverpool, defeating Norwich City 4-1 in August, resulting in the club having to send Adrienne Goal. Spanish people who just signed to join the team in the summer. Instead

Klopp said at the press conference before opening Anfield to welcome Newcastle United on Saturday 14 September, “He (Alesson) is developing but we can’t put pressure on this. It’s a real severe calf injury The goal is to play again, after the braking of the national team next time, he might be ready, but we still can not know anything for sure. There is no pressure and hopefully everything will go well for the rest of the season. ”

According to expectations, Alesson will be able to return to Manchester United on Sunday, October 20, after having missed seven more games, including 2 matches. In the UEFA Champions League group stages

At the same time, Klopp also revealed to Nabie Keita, a hip-injured midfielder, “Nabbie is back, closer than Alesson. I think he can return to practice after returning from the game. Napoli next week “

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