“War Elephants” moved one rank Vietnam still holds number 1 in ASEAN.


FIFA announced the latest world rankings, appearing Belgium still holds the number 1 in the world, while the Thai national team The world ranking moved up to one position. แทงบอลสดแบบง่าย ๆ

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced the latest FIFA World Ranking ranking on 19 September. The world number 1 is still the Belgian national team, while the second France overtakes the second place by kicking Brazil’s position. Originally dropped to # 3

As for the beloved Lions Roar team, the England national team In the European Football Championship, “Euro 2020” qualifying round holds 100% of the world ranking, still maintaining its position with the 4th place in the world.

While in Asia, ranking No. 1, it still belongs to Iran, which ranks 23rd in the world.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam still dominates ASEAN for the football industry. As the number 1 team, while the Thai national team is number 2, with the world ranking rising from 115 to 114 in the world

This page ranking of FIFA Calculated from 212 matches divided into 78 friendly games, 74 matches of each qualifying game of each continent and another 60 matches of the 2022 World Cup Qualifying Rounds.

The team that moved up the world with the most was Grenada, an island country in the Southeast Caribbean Sea. That climbed up to 13 steps from 173 up to 160 in the world

Kosovo, a country that was a member of FIFA in 2016 and has achieved outstanding results in the European Football Championship “Euro 2020” Qualifier, in which the last game lost to England in the most fun 3-5 and Currently, ranking 3rd in Group A from 5 matches, 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 losing game, 8 points. The world ranking moved up one rank. Currently holding 119th in the world, it is considered the world’s best ranking on their history page.


Top 10 in the world


1. Belgium 1,752 points

2. France 1,725 ​​points

3. Brazil: 1,719 points

4. England, 1,662 votes

5. Portugal, 1,643 votes

6. Uruguay 1,639 points

7. Spain, 1,617 points

8. Croatia 1,625 points

9. Colombia, 1,622 votes

10. Argentina 1,614 points
Top 10 world rankings in Asia
1. (23) Iran 1,522 votes

2. (31) Japan 1,490 points

3. (37) South Korea 1,470 points

4. (44) Australia 1,441 votes

5. (62) Qatar 1,377 votes

6. (66) UAE 1,365 votes

7. (68) China 1,340 votes

8. (70) Saudi Arabia 1,336 votes

9. (79) Iraq 1,314 votes

10. (84) Oman 1,292 votes

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