“Allegri” screened “Manchester United” to recover the crisis instead of “Sol Cha”


Tootto Sports, the famous Italian media, reports that Massimo Milano Allegri, an Italian trainer The aim is to sign a red year soon, after Ole Gunnar Solcha has done poorly since the opening of the season 2019-20, taking “Red Devils” to rank 12th in the table after the crowd. Liverpool 15 points throughout the match 8 matches ประโยชน์จากการแทงบอลสด


The 52-year-old Allegri still wants to draw Emre Chan, the former Liverpool midfielder and Mario Munzuk, a spearhead. Joining us at Old Trafford have predicted that Agreement details Will be finished quickly by Allegri Intensive “Red Devils”. Hurry to make the decision because he needs as much time as possible. To turn the bad situation of the club. แทงบอลสด

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