Di Maria Sable led PSG to attack Nice 9 people.


French Ligue Football match on Friday past. There is a single match to hit the field. The result appears “PS” Paris Saint-Germain. Attacking to win against the remaining 9 players, just 4-1. The visitors scored from Angel Di Maria 15 and 21 minutes, Kila Mbappe, 88 minutes, Mauroka 90 minutes for the home team to beat the eggs from Ignatius Ganago 67 minutes for the players that were fired from Nice, including Pelicia, Piran 74 minutes, Chris Herelle 77 minutes หาเงินจากการแทงบอลสด

Victory in this game helped Paris to increase to 24 points from 10 matches, overwhelmingly as the leader of the table. Nice had 13 points, the same as the 9th of the table. แทงบอลสด

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