Goodbye, captain? The BBC reports the Red Devils have agreed to sell Ashley to Python.


Ashley is still close to moving to a new player, Inter Milan, after the BBC News reported that Manchester United has agreed to sell. แทงบอลออนไลน์ 2020

The BBC News reported that “Red Devils” Manchester United of the English Premier League has agreed to sell Ashley, the captain of the team to the “Python” Inter Milan of Serie A, Italy is completed with a value of 1.5 million. Euro or approximately 53 million baht

Previously, there was news that the screen was interlaced. Which looks like the players also want that too Currently, the 34-year-old does not have much role with the team. Have only played 12 matches in the Premier League.

The report states that an agreement between the two clubs will have additional conditions for future payments. Which is expected to affect when Inter won the Serie A championship this season.

For still moving from “Sing prominently” Aston Villa, another Premier League team Has been at Manchester United since 2011, originally playing in the wing position But was retreated to be a banker in the latter If the team moves well Equally, this football will end the race with “Red Devils” at 8 and a half years.

However, when last summer Inter also grabbed 2 players from Manchester United, including Romelu Lukaku, the Belgian national team striker The fee is not disclosed and Alexis Sanchez, the Chilean national team striker. In the form of a loan contract

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