“Hornet” announced the establishment of “Pearson” to oversee the army


Watford, the escape team in the English Premier League, announces the appointment of Nigel Pearson as the new manager in place of Kigue Sanchez Flores, the Spanish coach. That has just been removed from the position พนันบอลออนไลน์ฟรี UFA365

Report from “Sky Sports”, the British media said that Pearson will come to accept a new job after this weekend. After signing the “Hornet Rampage” until the end of the season. In the game against Crystal Palace on Saturday, Hayden Mullins, Watford’s U-23 coach, will take over the boss.

For the arrival of Watford, this is the return to the Premier League for the first time at Pearson. Since being ousted by Leicester City in June 2015,

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