Poppa Yan, Man Utd, did not bind Mourinho.


Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder, insists Jose Mourinho must be unemployed as a Manchester United coach because he has done poorly. Not because of the dark power of the players within the team and pointing in football Competition results are the most important.


The famous Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba confirmed that the reason for Jose Mourinho being stripped of the “Red Devils” was because Mourinho did the job. Poor Not because the players on the team squeezed him out. สมัครสมาชิกUFABET


This season, Mourinho led the team to a disappointing performance. And his destiny was absent after Manchester United lost Liverpool 1-3 in the past December, when Paul O’Neill, Gunnar Solcha, came to oversee Man Utd, after a disqualification. Many of the players of the team have played a lot better with the Mourinho era so much that some people think that before that the players were playing badly. In order for Mourinho to lose his job?


“What are the problems? At that time, we didn’t win much. That’s why they decided to change the head coach. The result of the competition is the most important thing. If we win, we will have a good overall result. And the coach would still be in the position That’s just that, “Pogba stated.

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