Surprise! Aiming to pull Starman U


“Cannon” Arsenal made a surprise when the latest news was aimed at pulling one of Manchester United’s top footballers after this season. But may have to compete with many other teams


Arsenal’s big club in the English Premier League hopes to sign a contract to win Antonio Valencia, right back, captain of the Manchester United club, rival league Came to reinforce the worthless form this summer, according to a report from leading media metropolis, elite city On Saturday 16 March ago แจกเครดิตฟรี


Ecuador’s 33-year-old international star is preparing to bid farewell to the Old Trafford after this season, when he ended his contract with Manchester United after being with the team for 10 years and playing more. 300 shots


Metro stated that “Cannon” is aiming to snatch Valencia for free this summer while West Ham United and Inter Milan, including Chinese league clubs. There are also news of wanting to be a former Wigan Athletic footballer as well.

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