Come yourself! President Lille unlocks Liverpool news, is actually talking about Pepsi?



After Lille’s Nicole Pepe, the wing of the team, went on to say that Lille’s chairman, Lade Lopez, came out and told Liverpool that they were negotiating for the 24-year-old to strengthen. ประวัติของเกมบาคาร่า


Gerard Lopez, president of Lille, the strongest club in the French Ligue stage, revealed that Liverpool, the top team of the English Premier League, are negotiating with Nicolas Pepe, their talented wing. About the possibility of moving the team this summer


Last season The Ivory Coast national team played well with 23 goals, with 12 assists from 41 matches in every play. Which makes it a 24-year-old that has been reported to many teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern Munich, etc. It is believed that Lille is the head of He took it at around 70 million pounds (about 2,870 million baht).


Big Boss Lille interviewed with RMC Sport, the leading sports media in the city of Perfume. “I know that there is a dialogue with the players. Did not negotiate with us as a club in which Liverpool is the team that is doing that And I interpret it from that player may move the team or not move the team at all I am not talking specifically about Liverpool, but it is true that it has been negotiated with agents before the African Nations Cup. We have 2 proposals and we will Considering it after the end of the program

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