“Midfield No. 4” An important puzzle that “Nishino” encountered

The Ari Football page published an article that The game ended happily for the army, “War Elephants” that managed to attack the team “Garuda” Indonesia with a score of 3-0. Of course, everyone’s joy still stuck until this morning. Atwood too, and this is another game that the number 4 shirt owner played outstandingly. If Check – Supachok Sanchat is the hero, Tang – Sarat is in the cold, it might be another hero friend that we can’t live without in the game yesterday. Smooth game connection Controlling the pace in both the offensive and defensive midfield Making money very distinctive With the war elephants Very different from what everyone sees in the uniform “Ghilen Phor” เว็บแทงบอลสด ที่ดีที่สุด

The yesterday’s game made everything easy. Especially the coordination with Tae-Pithiwat Sukchitthamkun, excellent from now, if the injury does not disturb Akira Nishino’s battle elephant puzzle must definitely have a sarah name.

But not many football fans like to say that “Sarat is good but with the ASEAN team”. Therefore, the next match with the United Arab Emirates It is a proof that this midfielder will advance to the next level or not. And if he does well The door to football in foreign countries for money may open again.

Engine Number 4, which we saw from the last 2 matches in the name of the Thai national team. Is returning to be the No. 6 general commander, the former Thai football fans used to like playing football with various rhythm playing Getting in Leaving only the problem of throwing away the iron bolts Say that this event is “fun for sure”.

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