Luiz Pierce Ayr Burnley came to play to destroy football.



David Luiz Prasad after Chelsea premiere Burnley’s tag team In the Premier League game at Stamford Bridge tonight Monday Night, accusing the Clarates of playing to destroy the football game


The game at Stamford Bridge Chelsea goes behind. But with the Enko Shield, and Gonzalo Higuain shot the team back for a 2-1 lead. However, the visiting team came to a goal from Ashley Barnes, with the second half without extra goals. Therefore divided the points FUN88


After the end of the game, David Luiz, the defender of the Samba blood The hot head is not very pleased with Burnley. By piercing the tactics of the visiting team that didn’t want to play for victory “We do everything to win this game.”


“It’s hard to play with a team that has only two chances and two goals. Which they don’t want to play football at all ”


“It is clear against football. They stalled at the beginning of the game. Especially when possessing the ball ”


The former Paris line Saint-Germain also added that all of the visiting players do not want to play the game. “They use all 11 players in their own penalty area. It’s hard to make a goal. ”


Chelsea’s draw has resulted in them not being able to rank third in the table. With a score equal to Tottenham Hotspur at 67 points, but the Blues Race more than one match

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